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Dr. Pravin Singh
Head & CEO

Dr. Pravin is our founder physiotherapist of My Home Physio Services. Whose impeccable physiotherapy results have earned him the right to treat athletes at the Sports Authority of India in Bangalore. He is a highly experienced professional. His clients know Dr .Pravin as a “stand out” for getting positive results, quickly. Dr. Pravin is a Master of Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University Bangalore and has been working as a Business Development Manager in the Votary Health Care and a private practice in the Mumbai and Thane.

Dr. Pravin has worked with a range of post surgical, musculoskeletal and chronic pain patients, and is very interested in how spinal pain and dysfunction relate to posture and the biomechanical movement of the lower limbs. Dr. Pravin is also interested in the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries, having personally experienced more than 500 cases of knee replacement Rehabilitation.

Dr. Priyanka Handore
Licensed Neuro Physiotherapist

Dr Priyanka Handore is a Licensed Neuro Physiotherapist with 12 years of clinical experience in Neurological health facilities. Adept at developing Rehabilitation programs including Diet and Exercise protocol to restore functional mobility.

Specialized in the Assessment, Treatment & Management for adults & children who are living with the effects of stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis or other neurological conditions. Having credentials of Masters Of Physiotherapy focused in Neurology and Psychosomatic Disorders. Certified in Manual Therapy and Motor Control Approach. Actively involved in Neuro Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Pain Management, Paediatric and Geriatric Rehabilitation.

Dr. Samiksha Dalvi

I am Dr. Samiksha Dalvi (BPT, MIAP), Certified German matrix rhythm therapist, Certified Qauntesla resonance therapist, Certified dry needling therapist, and team physiotherapy member for All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament (2019).

In addition, I have an excellent experience in treating patients suffering from musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and neurological issues such as low back pain, fractures and sciatica respectively. My treatment plan involves various electrotherapy machine intervention such as IFT, TENS, ULTRASOUND therapy and an appropriate exercise plan.

Dr. Vivek Vora

Dr.Vivek Vora


Expert patient evaluation /assessment &differential diagnostics
• Expert manual therapy and mobilization skills orthopaedic joints,spine
• Expert sports deep tissue massage and trigger point release
• Expert patient education injury management , prevention, exercise prescription,gait and balance mechanics,
• Strong commitment to advanced PT application and techniques.

– In his spare time, Dr.Vivek enjoys traveling, hiking, playing kabaddi strength training and spending time with family. He is an avid learner , constantly researching new advance techniques for effective treatment plans, sports and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Dr.Avinash Vijay Singh

Dr.Avinash Vijay Singh
BPT from RGUHS Bangalore.

Passion for physiotherapy is fuelled in him to drive and find unique and innovative ways to improve current health care industry strategies. He started his career with internship at JJ Hospital, Mumbai. Later worked with a great chain of My Home physio, Navi Mumbai for around 5years and Multi Sepciality Hospital kalamboli as well for around 2years. Treated many patients in freelancing too.

Dr. Avinash has clinical interest in stroke(paralysis), knee, joint pain, shoulder pain, back pain, lower back pain, Parkinson’s, post operative surgery etc. Got so many patients healed in last so many year’s of his experience. He has that passion who never gives up on any task once taken. He has proved himself as hashtag “healing hands”.

Something about avinash do in his ideal time, Dr.Avinash loves watching movies, active on social media, likes to travel, play games like to work out as well, a big music fan.

Dr Shyam A. Phulpagar
Manual Therapist

Dr Shyam A. Phulpagar ,with a first class Honours Degree in Physiotherapy from University of Nashik, Dr shyam has over 7 years experience working within My Home Physio.
He is confident and skilled manual therapist and uses up to date evident based treatments in order to obtain the best results for variety of conditions for example:
Neck pain
Lower back
Shoulder ,knee ,hip, elbow and ankle pain
Paralysis , Parkinson’s disease,
Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.
He has specialised in knee and shoulder conditions and thrives on freeing people from pain and discomfort in shortest time frame possible.
He is also qualified in Acupuncturist and has undergone masters level training in advanced diagnostic, manual therapy.
He utilities following treatments techniques.
Joint mobilisation and manipulation
Dry needling (accupuncture)
Soft tissue and trigger point release
Hight quality home exercise program to supplement treatment
Sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation
Biomechanical assessment.

Dr. Samson

Dr.Samson is a Senior Physiotherapist with almost 15 years of clinical experience across several specialties

Dr.Samson is a passionate and experienced senior Physiotherapist in the management of all musculoskeletal conditions and orthopaedic rehabilitation. He is well known for his thorough assessment and supportive demeanour; utilising a multi-modal approach to treatment;
including patient education, manual mobilisation, soft tissue work, dry needling and exercise prescription.

Dr.Samson has a keen interest in postural neck and shoulder pain, as well as hip and knee pain; and works in conjunction with numerous experienced orthopaedic surgeons and medical professionals.

Dr.Amita Chauhan

Dr Amita Chauhan is a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist of over 10 years. Possess extensive knowledge in assessing and evaluating physical disabilities caused by neurological disorders, stroke and injuries. Experience in managing and treating patients with disabilities in home and community care. Experience in treating patients suffering from low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain etc. Certified for Mulligan technique, Dry needling, Acupuncture, Spinal Mobilization, McConnell Tapping, Cupping Therapy.

Dr. Abdeali Motarwala

Name – Dr. Abdeali Motarwala
Qualification: BPTh (Rajiv Gandhi University), Certified Cupping and Dry needling therapist, Chiropractic Practioner and Reiki Healer.
Currently practicing:- Mumbai.

Dr. Nishi Sanghvi

I am Dr Nishi Sanghvi ( MPT Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation)
I have expertise in field post surgical, post thoracic surgeries, ICU , post COVID, pulmonary rehabilitation and other specialities too.

I am specialised also in
Needling therapy
Cupping therapy
K – taping and soft tissue manipulation

Dr. Aishwarya Desai

Meet Dr. Aishwarya Desai (PT), a dedicated professional Physiotherapist specializing in orthopedic conditions. With a robust background in sports management and a wealth of experience spanning two years, Dr. Desai excels in addressing a spectrum of orthopedic issues, including knee pain, back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and expertise in orthopedic surgeries like TKR, THR, and ACL tear. Beyond orthopedics, Dr. Desai extends her skills to neuro and cardio patients, providing comprehensive care. Her therapeutic approach goes the extra mile with additional modalities such as Electrotherapy, dry needling, cupping, MFR (Myofascial Release), IASTM (Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), and taping. Dr. Aishwarya Desai is committed to enhancing the well-being of her patients through a holistic and diversified approach to physiotherapy.

Dr. Abhay Singh

Dr. Abhay Singh, a distinguished physiotherapist with a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy (BPT) and a Certified Manual Therapist (CMT), stands at the forefront of rehabilitative care. His extensive training and expertise extend to the realm of neuro physiotherapy, further enhanced by his prestigious IAP Members. Dr. Singh’s commitment to excellence has earned him a reputation as the best physiotherapist in Mulund.

With a deep-rooted passion for enhancing the quality of life, Dr. Abhay Singh offers specialized, patient centred treatment. His comprehensive approach, backed by years of experience, ensures that every individual receives top-tier care tailored to their unique needs. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking improved mobility, Dr. Singh’s dedication and expertise will guide you towards a healthier, more active life.

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