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Get best treatment by expert physiotherapist professional at your home.


It can be nerve-wracking to welcome a stranger, often with little more than a phone number or website, into your home. But rest assured that it is possible to receive professional, personal, and high quality physiotherapy at home – without compromise.

At My Home Physio our in-home physiotherapists supply all the physical therapy tools and expertise necessary to treat your condition. Our therapists will work with you and your home environment to achieve the same excellent standard of care that patients have come to expect from us.


Real brick-and-mortar business, brand and reputation.

All of our physiotherapists are highly skilled and personable. We have physiotherapists with advanced training in specialized areas including orthopedic, neurological and cancer physiotherapy.

Our physiotherapists are well rewarded both personally and professionally for their work. As a result, we attract exceptional therapists and enjoy very low employee turn-over.

We can offer a wide range of home physiotherapy tools and techniques in your home including: exercise therapy, postural training, manual therapy, acupuncture, ultrasound, SWD, electrotherapy and more.

We will lay out a clear home rehabilitation plan, and will provide you with the treatment that you need. We will also provide instruction and encourage you to continue working towards your rehabilitation goals on your own between visits.

We usually treat in hour-long home care sessions. Home care cases are often complicated, or have other confounding medical or social factors that make short visits less effective and less rewarding for the patient.

We can navigate hospital administration in order to treat patients in the hospital in-patient setting.

We maintain flexible communication. With permission we can organize treatment through a family member or friend.

Our services are covered by mediclaims .

We do not require a doctor referral (but can work closely with your treating Doctor).

We keep full records of your therapy.

Our Guarantee

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  • Dynamic and results driven team
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